The Human Performance Assessment Core (HPAC) is the result of a vision by faculty members in the Exercise Science program. Marquette University’s president, Dr. Michael Lovell, initiated the Innovation Fund and the first round of awardees included the HPAC. This allowed for capital equipment purchases and renovations in Cramer Hall to build a laboratory to support the HPAC mission. The HPAC began supporting research in the department in early 2016, hired its director, Toni Uhrich, and officially opened its doors that summer. It is a fee-for-service model and is housed in the College of Health Sciences.

Our Mission

The HPAC mission is threefold: teaching of the next generation of exercise scientists; assessment of human health and physical performance; and research collaboration in human movement across all abilities.

Our Team

Toni D. Uhrich, M.S.


Toni is an ACSM-Certified Exercise Physiologist with a master’s degree in exercise physiology from the University of Massachusetts–Amherst and a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Florida State University. In 1988-89 (after grad school) she spent a year at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs as a sports scientist doing research and testing with US National teams including cycling, biathlon, weight lifting, and track. She has been teaching Marquette undergraduate exercise physiology labs since 1995. Prior to directing the HPAC, she did research in physiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, specifically on blood pressure control and endothelial function related to ischemic reperfusion injury. As the director of the HPAC, she is committed to the three pillars of their mission: teaching, research and testing. Her personal goal is to bring together minds from across the Marquette campus, have a positive impact on Marquette Athletics, do meaningful research, and provide high-end service to the community at large.

Ancillary Members

Faculty from Marquette, both in and out of the department, and from the Medical College of Wisconsin are available to assist or collaborate with HPAC activities as additional expertise is required.

Student Interns

HPAC typically has 1–2 interns per semester that spend time learning about human performance testing. They are encouraged to present at local or national scientific meetings.



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