Marquette University’s HPAC has a wide variety of equipment available for collaborative research in health care, engineering and the social sciences for the assessment of performance, body composition, strength and power, mechanics and kinematics, and health assessments.

Equipment that can be found in the HPAC includes but is not limited to:

  • GE Vivid e95 ultrasound machine with linear, 3D and 4D ECHO probes
  • GE Lunar iDXA (with TBS score software)
  • HUMAC Norm strength dynamometer for testing, rehab or training of all major joints
  • ParvoMedics metabolic cart for submax or max testing with a hood for resting metabolic rate (RMR)
  • Woodway treadmill (15 mph, 15% grade)
  • Velotron cycle ergometer and software for testing or training
  • SciFit recumbent cycle ergometers (lower and upper/lower extremity models)
  • NorAxon SciFit Treadmill and software for gait analysis (myoPressure), EMG analysis (myoMuscle), and 3-plane movement (myoMotion)
  • Point of care monitors for lactate (Lactate Pro2), glucose, hemoglobin, and cholesterol
  • Supplies/equipment for muscle biopsies
  • 12 CompuTrainers and software in a dedicated space in Cramer Hall
  • Refractometer for urine specific gravity (hydration status)
  • Keiser Power Rack capable of storing data on a personal chip for each user
  • Tekscan MobileMat for balance assessment and training
  • Skinfold calipers and various bioelectrical impedance devices for body composition assessment
  • Portable spirometers for pulmonary function
  • ‘Breezing’ portable resting metabolic rate monitors
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Blood pressure cuffs (manual and automated)
  • Mechanized bed on wheels with cut-out for ECHO assessment

Other teaching and research equipment is available upon request from the Exercise Science Department.

Cyclist connected to a computer biking virtually

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