The Center for Engagement and Inclusion offers a variety of social justice workshops. These workshops are designed to raise awareness and educate organization leaders, peer educators, and students on topics of social justice. A workshop can also be tailored to the specific needs of your classroom or organization. Workshops include a lecture-style presentation, interactive activities, and question & answer components.

Workshop requests should be made, no later than 2-3 weeks from the presentation date.  This allows our team to facilitate the best workshop possible.  

Request a Social Justice Education Workshop

Below is a list of workshops offered by CEI:

Identity 101 

  • Recognize the concept of social identities vs. personal identities   
  • Describe how these identities inform your role in society    
  • Define dominant vs. subordinate identities 

Identity 201

  • Recognize how the cycle of socialization operates   
  • Describe how the cycle of socialization affects our own identities   
  • Define the term intersectionality 

Difficult Dialogues

  • Differentiate between debate vs. dialogue
  • Describe the influences of effective dialogue
  • Recognize the skills needed to engage in effective dialogue  

Stereotypes and Biases

  • Demonstrate how to challenge stereotypes in everyday life  
  • Examine own bias one may possess
  • Evaluate knowledge and impact of stereotypes


  • Analyze common situations from an ally viewpoint  
  • Recognize impact of biases on peers and community 
  • Identify strategies for active allyship


  • Identify historical context of immigration and define terminology  
  • Raise awareness to immigration legislation and resources  
  • Recognize the challenges DREAMers face 

Safer Spaces Hosted by LGBTQ + RC

The LGBTQ+ Resource Center’s campaign of Safer Spaces is designed to build a network of allies, host continual conversations, and provide educational workshops to our campus communities.