RISE participants with President Lovell

Marquette's RISE program looks forward to being fully in-person for summer 2024! The RISE multicultural pre-orientation is geared to incoming first-year students of color.  

RISE offers students:

  • An opportunity to establish connections and networks with faculty, staff, and peers before the arrival of the rest of the student body.
  • Sessions to ask questions and learn more about how to survive and thrive as a first-year Marquette student.
  • An atmosphere that promotes positive attitudes and stimulates a vibrant learning environment.
  • Supportive relationships and constructive feedback to help students make well-informed decisions.
  • An exclusive cultural and historical tour through Milwaukee’s neighborhoods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply to join RISE?

All interested incoming first-year students of color are encouraged to complete the application. If you are a student who is part of the Educational Opportunity Program, Urban Scholars, Freshman Frontier Program, or other summer intensive program, you are also welcome to join, however, there may be some overlap of information that you gain in attending both experiences.  This is a great opportunity to make connections with other students of color in the Class of 2027 prior to New Student and Family Orientation.

Commuter students of color are also encouraged to participate for an opportunity to stay on campus and make connections before the start of the school year.

RISE is a free program and continues to offer free programming throughout the academic year.

When is RISE 2024?

The dates for RISE 2024 are August 19-21, 2024. RISE will lead into University Orientation.  Registered RISE participants will stay overnight on campus in guest housing during the three-day program. You will be paired up with other RISE students in these guest rooms.

More information about early drop-off and check-in will be announced when determined.


What are the benefits of participating in RISE? 

    • Early drop-off of belongings in your fall room assignment (Please note: This is not early move-in rather the opportunity to place belongings into the students' room.  Students should expect to participate in formal move-in according to their move-in time assigned by the Office of Residence Life.
    • Through workshops and team-building activities, have an opportunity to connect with fellow students, faculty, and staff of color.
    • An opportunity to become familiarized with campus and resources before the start of the school year.
    • Be paired with a RISE Mentor, an older student, who can assist in answering questions throughout the summer and school year.

I am living on campus in the fall. When can I move into my residence hall if I participate in RISE?

Students who participate in RISE are eligible for early drop off of their belongings to their assigned residence hall on Monday, August 19 between 11 AM and 1 PM (tentative time frame).  Please note:

  • The students' residence hall must be specified on the RISE registration form.  
  • This is only a time to drop off belongings. Students will then move-in (unpack their belongings) at the move-in time assigned by Residence Life. You should request a August 21st morning move-in if possible.

If you are interested and do not receive an e-mail, or if you have any additional questions about the program or accommodations, please contact Tamra Keith in the Center for Engagement and Inclusion.

Where should I park my car for the in-person program starting August 19? 

Parking Structure 1 (on Wells St. between 12th and 13th) is open. For commuter students participating in the program, a parking pass for the structure will be provided for the two-day in-person program.  For families who are participating in the welcome dinner Day 1, there is two-hour street parking available or parking available in the structure.  

If you have questions about parking, please contact Parking Services at (414) 288-6911. 

What should I bring?

See the Packing List here.

Are meals provided?

Yes, meals are provided from dinner for all students during RISE. There will be other opportunities for meals that are to be announced during Orientation and throughout the school year! 

When will I get more information about RISE after I have registered?

After you register, you will get an initial email confirming your registration. In mid July we will also send out a newsletter with information. Then in August, you'll get a reminder email with info on logistics what to expect.