The Interchange

Let our top talent apply their analytical skills and fresh perspectives to your business challenge. 

The Interchange program builds teams of top Marquette student talent to address real business challenges sponsored by industry partners.

  • All of the projects are custom-scoped with our partners and are not bound to the academic calendar. This program is co-curricular so projects do not need to be embedded in specific courses.
  • The students recruited for our Interchange teams come faculty-recommended and are hand-selected based on the required disciplines needed to successfully complete the work.
  • All project teams are also supported by expert faculty

What Sponsors Can Expect

  • Custom duration, anywhere from an 8-week sprint up to 16 weeks or longer depending on sponsorship funding and project complexity. 
  • Groups of 4-6 undergraduate, graduate, or mixed student teams addressing projects. Can include multiple disciplines as necessary. 
  • Faculty supervision by at least one Marquette University expert faculty member. 
  • Final deliverables and presentations to senior leadership as desired. 



Student Capabilities

Every year Marquette University students are engaged in applied learning across classrooms, departments, and colleges at our university. Our students have proven capabilities, backed-up by expert faculty, across all of the various disciplines represented on our campus. Our job is to put them to work for you. We can recruit across all of Marquette Universities seven colleges and four professional schools.

Project Types

Sales (Including Technical Sales) & Marketing - Tailored market entry strategies through identifying optimal marketing techniques. 

Data Analytics & Modeling - Compiling and synthesizing quantitative and qualitative research to provide strategic insights and highlight relevant trends.

Digital Product & App Development- Assistance in the building, editing and optimizing of website and digital applications including proof of concept projects.

Software Engineering - Assist in the design, development, testing, and maintenace of software applications. 

Strategic Growth and Implementation - Evaluate market trends to orient business and product strategy, generate growth opportunities, optimization of internal structures and workflows.

Direct Research & Synthesis - Based on need conduct thorough research accompanied by in depth insights and analysis, including complex technical research. 

Various Product Development Functions - Development of new products, assessment of current product designs and exploration of product design improvements, conduct product quality analysis and improvement.

Technology Research - Conduct in-depth technological research, often paired with other broader business research and synthesis.

What Is Required of Sponsors

To enhance equity for our students and to ensure the maximum quality of the work product all students are compensated at an hourly rate for their time.