Central Service Center

Open for business 

The Central Service Center provides several services from across campus. The Marquette community and beyond is welcome to engage in these services. Below are our current services, with more services being offered in the future.


Leveraging the talent of our students, the Interchange service is a program that brings together multidisciplinary students from across campus to work on projects from corporate and community partners under the direction of faculty "coaches." By convening students from across various disciplines on campus, Interchange truly provides a unique opportunity to address complex issues and opportunities and immerse our students in a project-based learning environment reflective of the multidisciplinary landscape of business and industry.

Interchange specifics

  • Student teams are multidisciplinary with 4 to 5 students on an Interchange team.
  • Corporate/organizational sponsors take an active role in the Interchange team experience and are an important part of the overall team. Sponsors are expected to meet (in person or virtually) with the students on a weekly basis to provide feedback and oversee direction of the project.
  • Each Interchange team also has a faculty "coach." These faculty members help act as a resource to the students but do not contribute any of their own intellectual property to the project.
  • Interchange team logistics and contracting are coordinated in partnership between the CSC and Innovation Alley.


$30,000 - $40,000, which includes:

  • 4 to 5 undergraduate students, one graduate student, a faculty "coach" and supplies
  • Marquette University’s overhead cost

Customized Italian courses for business

This program is developed specifically for corporate partners and their educational needs focused on the Italian language and culture. Half of the class time can be devoted to the teaching of the Italian language and the other half the teaching of Italian culture, both general and business oriented. This program will consist of 18 virtual classes, with approximately 15 participants per organization. Delivery dates and times will be determined upon agreement between the university and the organization.

Italian course specifics

  • The program will be delivered virtually to no less than 7 participants.
  • The program will be delivered virtually on an agreed upon video-conferencing platform.


  • Approximately $12,500 per program, with no more than 15 participants.
  • Includes Marquette University's overhead cost.

Optimizing dental instrumentation

Our skilled staff can provide customized work optimizing dental instrumentation, in particular implant surgery systems.


  • Approximately $5,000 per study and may vary based on amount of work required.
  • Includes Marquette University's overhead cost.

Consulting with Marquette

Our expert faculty and staff can provide customized consulting on a variety of different projects.