Student Testimonials

A couple of years ago I was a fortunate enough to be a PCA for a 3-year-old diagnosed with cerebral palsy and right-sided hemiparesis. Even though this child was told at a young age he had a slim chance of ever being able to walk, this child had other plans for himself. Throughout my experience as a PCA, I was able to see this child progress to learning how to crawl, to now running around the house. His self-determination along with his occupational therapist changed this child’s life forever. Being able to see how much an occupational therapist can impact an individual’s life is one of the many reasons why I chose this amazing career to partake in.    

One of the most memorable experiences I’ve had in this program was during the first week of classes. By the end of the first week of school, each professor knew my name. Something so little made me realize how much each of these professors care about you as a student, as well as a person. Each of these professors want to help you along your journey to grow as a student, health professional, and person. 

                                                                                    - McKenzie Cota, MUOTD 2023



I chose occupational therapy as my future career because I wanted to help people regain participation in purposeful activities that are important to them and their wellness. I love that occupational therapy takes a holistic approach to engage the person in meaningful occupations to reach their full potential. It really allows one to look at a client as a whole and what is important to them. Choosing occupational therapy has definitely been one of the biggest decisions in my life, but I knew it was the right decision because of the passion and drive I constantly have to learn and help others live their lives to the best possible level.

I know choosing where to apply for occupational therapy graduate school is hard because of the competitive and challenging nature of OT. However, being a part of Marquette University Occupational Therapy means becoming a student of a university and program that cares about not only its students but also works very hard every day to ensure their success. I am so glad that I applied to this program and am thankful that I was given the opportunity to learn from and work with such amazing colleagues, professors, and professionals.

                                                                        - Amandeep Kaur, MUOTD 2023



I chose occupational therapy as my future career because of the unique opportunities within this field; I fell in love with the idea of helping diverse populations in numerous settings. MUOTD faculty continues to prepare me for future success in this field. The professors care about their students' wellbeing and take the time to get to know their students on a personal level. The small-sized cohort feels like a family as we all support and encourage one another during this journey. I am confident that MUOTD will provide me with the knowledge and resources needed to one day become an exceptional occupational therapist. 

                                                                        -Taylor Drost, MUOTD 2023



Attending a faith-based university was not of original importance to me when applying to OT schools; however, it is one of my favorite aspects of Marquette’s OTD program. At the beginning of my very first lecture, one of my professors began the class period with a prayer, asking for blessings on our upcoming semester, and closed it with reading Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future.” That moment set the tone and excitement for becoming an occupational therapist. Not only did I feel at home, but I also felt assured that professionals who have the same ideals as my own will guide my education.

                                                                        -Gretl Steingraber, MUOTD 2023


I chose occupational therapy as a future career because of the firsthand experience I had in watching an occupational therapist help my young cousin regain independence for occupations after receiving chemotherapy. I took the opportunity to job shadow many different occupational therapists, which reinforced and strengthened the passion I developed for the career. Job opportunities and volunteer work is what made me realize there was no other career for me, except to become an occupational therapist.  

The MUOTD program holds its students to high standards and provides quality education for future occupational therapists. The professors are extremely supportive and are always available to help students succeed, while navigating the difficult curriculum set in front of them. I feel comfortable knowing that the MUOTD program has taken the time to develop a curriculum with both a hands-on and classroom experience. I know this will set me up to make a big impact in the field of occupational therapy once I graduate. I am proud to be a part of Marquette’s Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program.

                                                                                    -Hailey Witthun, MUOTD 2023


I have always had an interest in exercise physiology and preventative clinical care. My passion for occupational therapy stems from a strong desire to help others and a commitment to helping patients overcome barriers to participate as fully as possible in their everyday meaningful activities that they need and want to do. Marquette University’s OTD program is notable for its dedication to creating a versatile and inclusive community that provides students with a sense of belonging. My favorite thing about the program that I have experienced are my wonderful professors who care so deeply for their students and work hard every day to ensure their success. The professors have worked so hard to develop a curriculum through coursework and clinical experiences that will set me up to a make a big impact in the field of occupational therapy. 

                                                                                    -Monali Adhikari, MUOTD 2023