OT Direct Admit

OT Direct Admit Program

The MU OTD department is very excited to be offering this new pathway for direct admittance into the OTD program.  The direct admit pathway is for incoming freshman.  When applying to MU as senior in high school, you can delineate that you would like direct admission into the OTD program.  After acceptance into MU, you can apply to the direct-admit program through your admitted student portal. The deadline for these applications have been extended until August 19th. Once you apply, the OTD department will review your transcripts plus two short additional essays outlining your desire to become an occupational therapist.  If accepted, you can complete your OTD degree in just six short years as long as you maintain program requirements!

Prerequisite Courses

Semester Credits


Courses Taken At MU

Human Anatomy and Human Physiology 


Combined (A&P I, II) or separate courses, at least one w/ lab  

BISC 1035 and EXPH 2045; BISC 2015 and 2016; BISC 3135 and BISC 4145; or BISC 3135 and BIOL 4701 

Biological Science 


Course must cover cell function  

BIOL 1001 

Abnormal Psychology 


Acceptable alternatives are Psychopathology or Clinical Psychology  

PSYC 3401, 3410, or 3501 

Developmental Psychology 


Course(s) must cover lifespan  

PSYC 2101 or 3101 and 3120 



 e.g. History, Literature, Religion, Language, Ethics, Philosophy

Discovery Tier  Courses

Social Science 


e.g. Sociology, Public Health, Economics, Urban Studies, Social Welfare, Anthropology, Pyschology

Discovery Tier  Courses



Social science, educational, or mathematical; business statistics will not meet requirement  

MATH 1700; PSYC 2001 (preferred);      SOCI 2060 


Medical Terminology 




Can be completed online; and taken for credit or certificate


* Human Anatomy and Physiology may not be completed in online form

Accepted Students:

In addition to academic requirements, accepted students must be able to carry out the basic duties and essential functions of a generalist occupational therapist with or without reasonable accommodation(s). Accepted students must complete additional requisites for admission prior to matriculation, including, 

  • Health and immunization records, screens, forms completed
  • Drug test
  • Caregiver Background and Criminal History Check 
    • The State of Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services mandates that all persons who seek to be employed and/or licensed in the caregiver industry must fulfill the Caregiver and Background Check. Occupational therapy students are required to complete a background and criminal history check prior to matriculation and must abide by the university and state regulations pertaining to the findings. Background results may not prevent admission to the OTD program; however, some findings may limit options for placement in fieldwork rotations and/or restrict options for other experiential learning. Failure to complete this state-mandated requirement will render the student unable to fulfill requirements for graduation from the OTD program. 
  • Technical standards

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*Tuition costs dependent on board review.