Electric Vehicle Charging at Marquette

Electric vehicle charging stations located on campus are owned and operated by ChargePoint. These stations are not owned or operated by Marquette University.  Users should contact ChargePoint with inquiries or to report issues.  

Vehicles  parked in an ‘EV only’ parking stall that are not charging or are not an electric vehicle, will be ticketed.  

Station locations 

16th Street Parking Garage (Structure 1): 

4 charging spots in Level B Section A  

Wells Street Parking Garage (Structure 2): 

4 charging spots on the west side of the first floor 


Payment and fees 

Charging stations take payment through the ChargePoint app only. The stations do not take credit cards on site or cash. 

Standard Fees: 

$2.00 per hour, $8.00 max (4 hours) 

Idling Fee: 

After 4 hours, the charging fee increases to $4.00/hour 

University parking permit holders 

Permit holders assigned to Structure 1 (S1) or Structure 2 (S2) can access the charging stations once in the structure.   

Permit holders can contact Parking Services to request permit relocation to either S1 or S2. Relocation is not guaranteed. It is based on availability and proof of EV ownership is required. Marquette students and employees who do not currently hold a parking permit for a lot or structure will need to pay the parking structure fee. 

Non-university parking permit holders 

Individuals who have not purchased a parking permit through Parking Services need to pay the standard visitor parking rate to enter the structure.  


Frequently Asked Questions 

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Q. How do I use the stations?  

A. Payment, questions, and usage is handled through the Chargepoint App. Marquette University does not own or operate the stations.  

Q. What if there is an issue with payment or the connection? 

A. Use the Chargepoint app to report an issue. These stations are not owned or operated by Marquette University.    

Q. I don’t have a permit for either of the parking garages, can I get one? 

A. If you have an electric vehicle that can be charged and have an existing parking permit, you may request to change your parking permit to a parking garage that has availability. Relocation is not guaranteed. It is based on availability. You will need to provide proof of EV ownership.  

Q. What happens if I leave my car parked in an EV charging space beyond the maximum amount of time? 

A. Before a vehicle’s charging time is up, the user will receive a notification from the ChargePoint app with a time limit notification. If the vehicle is not moved, users will begin incurring additional idling fees until the vehicle is moved. Additionally, you will receive a parking ticket.   

This policy ensures that all individuals who wish to charge their vehicle will be able to do so.  

Q. How will I know when a charging station becomes available?  

A. Download and open the ChargePoint app. You can find the Marquette station locations to determine if a space is open. Further instructions can be found at the ‘Using Notify Me’ help page. 

Q. What if I park in an EV charging spot and am not plugged in or my vehicle is not EV? 

A. Your vehicle will be ticketed.