The Parking Service Office is responsible for all parking on campus, including surface parking lots, parking structures, and restricted areas such as the malls and loading zones.

If you would like to find out more, please email or call Parking Services at (414) 288-6911. For immediate assistance when Parking Services is unavailable, please call MUPD at (414) 288-6800.


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After-hours parking

If you need overnight parking after hours (4:30 p.m. or later), please pull a ticket at either parking structure and pay the daily fee with a credit card upon exiting the next day.


Faculty/staff carpooling permits and parking facility assignments are made during the all-university assignment process. One person, serving as the primary driver, will have the permit costs payroll deducted. It is the responsibility of the carpool group to determine reimbursement of all parking fees to the primary driver. Faculty/ staff carpooling participants must have matching employment statuses (e.g., full-time, 12-month, Monday to Friday hours). Students may also carpool under the same terms. One person (purchaser of permit) shall serve as primary driver. It is important to note that only one vehicle per carpooling unit may be parked on campus at any one time. Contact Parking Services to submit a request.

Disabled parking policy

Permanent Medical Disabilities

All faculty, staff and students who are in possession of a valid, state-issued disabled parking permit/plate will be granted priority consideration for their on-campus parking assignment. This status will only apply to those individuals who properly display their state-issued disabled parking permit/plate along with their valid Marquette parking permit.

Temporary Medical Disabilities

Temporary parking reassignments will be considered for those individuals with a short-term, mobility-impairing medical disability. A physician's written verification of the disability will be required for all requests extending beyond five business days. Likewise, this status will only apply to those individuals who properly display their valid Marquette parking permit. Without a state-issued disabled parking permit/plate, use of a designated disabled parking space cannot be authorized. All requests for a temporary reassignment must be approved by the Parking Office before taking effect. Contact Parking Services to submit a request. 

Disabled parking spaces

Only those vehicles properly displaying a valid, state-issued disabled parking permit/plate and a Marquette-issued permit are allowed to park in a designated disabled parking space. Citations will be promptly issued for all related violations. The cross-hatched area next to a disabled parking space is the access aisle for that same disabled space. 

Guest parking / Chaser tickets

Departments can purchase parking passes, known as chaser tickets, for guest or special event parking. To request chaser tickets, please email or call Parking Services at (414) 288-6911 at least 3 business days (72 hours) before they are needed. An Internal Billing Form will need to be submitted for billing purposes. The department will be notified when the tickets are available for pick up at the Parking Services Office located at Alumni Memorial Union, Suite 158 (Union Station). Chaser tickets are to be used when the guest is exiting the parking structure in their vehicle. Please go to Parking Types and Rates for pricing listed under Visitor information. 

Motorcycle parking

Designated motorcycle parking areas is located at the 16th Street Parking Structure, 749 N. 16th St. A permit for your motorcycle, which must be displayed on the right front fork, may be purchased at the Parking Office. Please note that the entrance to the 16th Street Parking Structure should be made without using a gate card because of the sensitive nature of the gate arms. Mopeds and all other forms of motorized scooters are viewed similarly as that of a motorcycle on campus. A permit is required and parking is restricted to the same location as motorcycles.

Organized special events

Departments needing parking for special events or guests should make arrangements with Parking Services at least a week before the date of the event. Please be prepared to give the office information about the event and its location.

Temporary parking

There are no temporary permits available at this time.

Weekend / Holiday parking

The cost for parking in the 16th Street Parking Structure or Wells Street Parking Structure on weekends and holidays is the daily rate for every 24-hour period. Please utilize the PAY ON FOOT station located in the lobby of the structures before you exit. Some lots on the east end of campus are open to accommodate Church of the Gesu functions and services, but permits are required for parking on campus property around the clock. Violators will be ticketed. Days that the university remains open when classes are canceled are not considered holidays; therefore, permits are required, and citations will be issued to violators.