Every vehicle which occupies a space in a university parking facility must display a valid permit and/or have permission from Parking Services.


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Go to Student Permits for information on permit sales and rates.

Student permit sales schedule:  

Fall semester permits go on sale in July

Spring semester permits go on sale in November

Summer semester permits go on sale in May



Parking Services renews employee parking permits automatically every two years for the same lot or structure as previously assigned. Renewed permits are mailed to departments prior to a new parking cycle to be displayed on vehicles. 

To request a new permit, cancel a permit or request a change to a existing parking assignment, please email Parking Services. Employees will need their university identification number and vehicle information for new permit requests. Please note that Parking Services cannot guarantee approval of parking assignment requests. Assignments to specific parking facilities are primarily based on seniority.

For parking purposes, faculty and staff are defined as full-time or part-time employees, including those with a HYBRID* status.

Regular university employees may pay for their parking permit via payroll deductions. Non-university employees engaged in work directly related to university operations are classified as faculty/ staff. 


Employee parking rates through July 31, 2024:

Employment status Monthly
Full-time/12-month $69
Full-time/10-month $69
Part-time/12-month OR HYBRID* $43
Part-time/10-month OR HYBRID* $43
Evening (4 p.m. to 6 a.m.) $22
Overnight (24 hours) $84


Employee parking rates as of August 1, 2024:

Employment status Monthly
Full-time -12-month / 10-month $71
Full-time Premium (Lots A, D, G) -  12-month / 10-month $108
Part-time (12-month, 10-month, or Hybrid Status*) $45
Part-time or Hybrid Status* Premium (Lots A, D, G) $67
Evening (4 p.m. to 6 a.m.) $23
Overnight (24 hours) $87

*A hybrid work arrangement is greater than 50% remote and must have a documented agreement on file with Human Resources. Faculty and staff wishing to utilize the hybrid rate must contact Parking Services and their hybrid status will be verified by Human Resources.


The 16th Street Parking Structure, located at 749 N. 16th St., and the Wells Street Parking Structure, located at 1240 W. Wells St., are the university’s visitor parking facilities. Although parking is limited on Marquette's campus, Parking Services will do its best to accommodate guests.

Visitor parking rates:

Daily Rate $10.00 per day
Special Events Going rate
Lost Ticket $50.00

Visitors will pull a ticket upon entry. Payment can be made at a pay-on-foot station in the structure lobby or upon exit. Credit card payment only. Cash not accepted. The daily rate is based on calendar day. Visitor parking is limited up to 3 consecutive days, verified through parking enforcement. 

Departments can purchase parking passes, known as chaser tickets, for $10 for guest or special event parking. To request chaser tickets, please email or call the Parking Services at (414) 288-6911 at least 3 business days (72 hours) before they are needed. An Internal Billing Form will also need to be submitted for billing purposes. The department will be notified when the tickets are available for pick up at the Parking Services Office located at Alumni Memorial Union, Suite 158 (Union Station). Chaser tickets are to be used when the guest is exiting the parking structure in their vehicle. 


All contractors working temporarily on campus for construction, renovation or repair purposes must obtain a special permit for their vehicle from the Parking Services Office. Permits will be issued for the duration of the contract assignment.

Contractor/supplier deliveries to various buildings on campus can be made from the access points shown in this map. 


Lost permit replacement $25
Lost hang tag replacement $30
Returned check fee $15
Dropped permit service charge $25
Chaser Tickets $10
Motorcycle permit for permit holder No charge
Motorcycle permit for non-permit holder $31
Broken gate arm responsibility Cost + 10%


Fraudulent sticker or improper use $85
Disability permit only $75
Fire or traffic lane $40
Non-parking areas $40
No permit $30
Improperly displayed permit $10
Not on assigned level $10
Other $30