Task Force Participants and Workgroups

Within the President’s Task Force on Community Safety, five key workgroups are meeting on a recurring basis to brainstorm, benchmark and develop recommendations.


Safety Measures – Institutional

Address campus policies and physical elements, such as building access/security, environmental design, etc. to enhance security

  • Chair: Lora Strigens, vice president, Facilities and Planning Management
  • Co-chair: Claudia Paetsch, vice president, Human Resources
  • Rick Arcuri, Executive Director, Business Operations and Auxiliary Services, Student Affairs
  • Mike Broeker, Deputy Athletics Director, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Chris Gluesing, Director of Planning and Project Delivery, Facilities Planning and Management
  • Kelly O'Neil, Community Prosecutor, District Attorney’s Office
  • Matt Paulus, Director of Risk Management, Office of Finance
  • Ruth Peterson, Captain of Police, MUPD
  • Meghan Stroshine, Chair and Associate Professor, Social and Cultural Sciences, Klingler College of Arts and Sciences

Safety Measures – Individual

Assess education, training, culture and campus safety programs for students, faculty, staff and visitors.

  • Chair: Stephanie Quade, Dean of Students
  • Bridgeman Flowers, Undergraduate student and President, MUSG
  • Kim Bohat, Director of Service Learning, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Arndt Guentsch, Chair and Professor, School of Dentistry and University Academic Senate representative
  • Nicole Laudolft, Legislative Vice President, MUSG
  • Matt Munson, Undergraduate student
  • Samira Payne, Director of Black Student Initiatives, Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion
  • Carrie Peters, Data Analytics Specialist, MUPD
  • Rachel Tepps, Assistant Director of University Apartments and Off Campus Student Services, Office of Residence Life

Community Partnership

Consider how Marquette will collaborate with other organizations to increase safety in our neighborhood and city

  • Chair: Edith Hudson, chief of MUPD
  • Co-chair: Rana Altenburg, associate vice president of public affairs
  • Catrina Craine, Director of Workforce and Business Solutions, Menomonee Valley Partners 
  • Dave Feldmeier, Police Inspector, Milwaukee Police Department
  • Rob Smith, Director, Center for Urban Research, Teaching and Outreach; Professor, Klingler College of Arts and Sciences 
  • Keith Stanley, Executive Director of Near West Side Partners, Inc. 


Review the strategies, tools and processes for communicating to students, employees, parents, prospective students and media

  • Chair: Paul Jones, vice president for University Relations and general counsel
  • Co-chair: Lindsey St Arnold Bell, associate director, Near West Side Partners, Inc.
  • Kate Braasch, Chief of Presidential Affairs, Office of the President
  • Latrice Harris Collins, Director of Community Relations and Outreach, Admissions and University Staff Senate representative
  • James Hensley, Lieutenant of Support Services, MUPD
  • Monica MacKay, Director of University Communication, University Relations
  • Kim Mauch, Parent
  • Jaque Contreras Saavedra, Undergraduate student


Assess the staffing, technology or equipment needed to support and implement the task force recommendations

  • Chair: Michael O’Hear, Law School faculty and MUPD Advisory Board chair
  • Co-chair: Jeff Kranz, assistant chief, MUPD
  • Rick Dillon, Marquette University Board of Trustees
  • Mike Jahner, Director of Facilities Management, Facilities Planning and Management
  • Pat Kennelly, Director, Center for Peacemaking, Klingler College of Arts and Sciences
  • Jay Kutka, Senior University Budget Director, Office of Finance
  • Laurie Panella, Chief Information Officer
  • David Reeves, Current Parent
  • Liz Sides, Director of Employment, Human Resources