Student Outcomes

Student Formation and Student Support Outcomes:

These outcomes are under development. They are informed by the Contemplatives in Action Leadership Model, the University’s Core Curriculum outcomes, and the Community Care framework. Although they are categorized neatly here, outcomes are closely and organically intertwined with each other.

Because of their involvement with Community Service, students will:


Self, Group, Community:

  • Learn about themselves
  • Gain insight into their own identities and biases
  • Build relationships across different cultures
  • Learn about inequity, injustice, and privilege
  • Increase knowledge of the systemic, root causes of social justice issues


Experience, Reflect, Act:

  • Use reflective thinking to expand self-knowledge, growth and maturity
  • Better understand how they can be an advocate for change


Student Support and Belonging:

  • Experience a sense of belonging at Marquette
  • Feel that they have a network of support in peers and staff
  • Feel connected to the Milwaukee community