For Community Partners

Welcome to the Center for Community Service at Marquette University!

The Center for Community Service at Marquette University supports students in incorporating an ethic of service into their lives.

Service is an important part of our identity at Marquette and the CCS upholds that identity by providing opportunities for students to participate in meaningful and impactful service. We strive to be members and good citizens of the Milwaukee community by engaging with our neighbors and gaining a greater understanding of local and global issues.

We appreciate your partnership! With your help, our students gain a greater understanding of their community, develop as leaders, act on their commitment to justice, and grow as citizens.

There are three types of partnership with the Center for Community Service. Your agency may be involved with more than one partnership type.

Outreach Partners

We can help you share your volunteer opportunity with Marquette students through several different outreach opportunities:

Event Partners

The Center for Community Service host several large-scale service days throughout the year.

  • Community Day of Service
    Community Day of Service is Marquette’s largest one-day service project, dating back to 1989. Community Day of Service is now a Marquette tradition that involves the campus community in a unified effort to make a difference in Milwaukee. Today, more than 27,000 volunteers have spent approximately 3 hours on a Saturday morning in service for others and with local agencies. With over $300,000 raised, the program also provides grants to local agencies. Site registration will begin in January. 
  • Make a Difference Day
    Make a Difference Day is an annual event on a Saturday morning in November in Partnership with Eras Senior Network.  Marquette students spend the morning helping local senior citizens prepare their homes for winter, including raking leaves.
  • Urban Connection
    When incoming students arrive on campus for Orientation, they get involved in the community right away! Site registration will open in July.

Strategic Partners

The Center for Community Service works closely with a small number of community agencies to create a meaningful, multi-faceted, and educational partnership that benefits both students and the community.

These relationships are developed to better support our partners. Contact Kelly Walker ( for more information.

  • Marquette Volunteer Corps: Members of the Marquette Volunteer Corps provide meaningful and consistent service to the community. In small teams of 5-8, students serve weekly throughout a semester, allowing them to build relationship with one agency and learn more about a community issue they care about.
  • Burke Scholars: These student scholars provide a valuable resource to the community, committing 10 hours a week to service. If you are interested in hosting a Burke scholar, please contact us.