Advisors play an important role in the assistance of all student organizations. They provide consistency and share their expertise with the organizations. Advisors often help to set, maintain, and achieve goals with the organization. The utilization of these advisors is driven by the organization needs.

Chapter Advisors

The role of the Chapter Advisor is to guide, advise, and support the chapter and its officers and monitor their progress. Some of the roles this individual serves are:

  1. Meet regularly (at least monthly) with the chapter leadership and being available to meet with members upon request;
  2. Serve as a resource person for planning events and programs, resolving issues confronting the group and being involved in the education of new members;
  3. Work with appropriate chapter officers to review their goals, plans, and chapter development structures, providing consistency and support

University Advisor

As with the chapter advisor, the specific role of the university advisor is driven by the needs of the chapter. Some general options would include:

  1. Assist the chapter in developing an overall academic achievement program;
  2. Assist with developing an academic incentive and recognition program for the chapter;
  3. Attend any scholarship receptions the chapter hosts;
  4. Be available to meet with individual members who are in need of academic assistance;