Hazing, Alcohol, and Sexual Assault Prevention

Hazing Policy

It is a violation of the Student Conduct Code for a student or student organization to participate in hazing or harassment which includes actions or situations that do or could result in mental, emotional, or physical discomfort, embarrassment, ridicule, or endangerment whether intentionally, for fun, or by consent.

Alcohol Violations

The full alcohol policy can be found here:

Violations of the Alcohol Policy include:

Category A:

  • Possession and/or consumption of alcohol by a person under 21
  • Intoxication of a person, regardless of legal drinking age
  • Collections of containers that contain or previously contained alcohol
  • Possession or use of alcohol-related paraphernalia
  • Misrepresentation of age or possession of false documentation of age

Category B:

  • Acute intoxication defined by medical assessment
  • High-risk alcohol use (harm to self, others or property, intoxication requiring medical assessment and/or transportation to medical facility)
  • Providing alcohol to a clearly intoxicated person

Category C:

  • Hosting a gathering in the residence halls that involves alcohol (hosting is defined as having more persons than triple the room’s occupancy present)
  • Hosting a gathering involving alcohol that constitutes a disruptive environment (see Community Standards - no. 19), or in which insufficient action is taken to prevent violations of university policies by those attending
  • Possession of a keg in a residence hall or university apartment

Category D:

  • Providing or selling alcohol to a person under 21

Complicity Policy

Not complying with Marquette's Complicity Policy by condoning, supporting, facilitating or encouraging another person’s or group’s behavior that violates any standard of conduct. Students are expected to remove themselves from locations where a policy is being violated and are encouraged to report the incident. Failure to leave an area where a regulation is being violated may result in a student being held accountable for a violation of this policy.

Title IX and Sexual Assault/Harassment

The complete policy can be read here:

If you feel you need additional information or support, please reach out to the Title IX Coordinator.