Scholarship Recipients Highlight

Lauren Casper, Spring 2020 Gilman Scholarship Recipient


How did you hear about the Gilman?

I heard about Gilman through the study abroad offices.

How was the application process for you?

The application process was very easy; I was able to complete it in one setting and all of my questions were answered promptly when needed. 

What will you be using the funds for? In other words, how will the funds affect you positively?

I will be using the funds for housing while abroad. They will definitely help me as I'm paying for the trip myself.

What is your service project, and how will it be implemented?

My service project is to have a booth at the Multicultural Fair, as well as have a study abroad/Hispanic celebration night for my floor as an RA when I return.

What would be your advice to other students thinking of studying abroad or apply to the Gilman?

My advice would be to just go for it. I was so nervous to apply and didn't think I stood a chance of getting in or receiving any scholarships, but unless you put yourself out there you'll never know!