While Abroad

You made it! Study abroad is a high impact practice and can enhance your academic portfolio and beyond. Just check out the blogs from current and past study abroad students for their experiences abroad. We’d love to hear about your experience! Contact studyabroad@marquette.edu and we’ll get you started.

We know you’re excited to get into your studies and to learn more about your host country and culture but don’t forget that you are still a student of Marquette University while abroad. Stay connected with us through our social media and share your experiences by tagging @marquetteglobal. What should you expect communication to be like while abroad from OIE? We endeavor to make your studies abroad a beneficial experience for your prospective future after university so we will be checking in with you ever so often to make sure everything’s in order for your return after the end of your program. Pay attention to your email and be sure to let us know if you need anything that we can assist with. Friendly reminder that there is an emergency line available 24/7 so you can reach us at any time of the day or night. As a quick overview, check out the different resources and reminders below on what you should be keeping an eye out for during your studies abroad:

Check Your Marquette Email

We know planning for studying abroad can get overwhelming, so we’re here to help you. You will receive occasional emails from our office to remind you of any outstanding to-do items throughout your time abroad. Be sure to keep an eye on your Marquette email so you don’t fall behind in submitting any necessary documents to complete your study abroad account.

Enrollment Verification Form 

You will be contacted by our office throughout your term abroad. Complete this enrollment verification form as soon as you are registered for your courses abroad. This must be completed with hand-written signatures from you and your host university study abroad coordinator (that means digital signatures will NOT be accepted). This form confirms your enrollment in a study abroad program for your term abroad so that necessary departments at Marquette are able to successfully process your financial and academic information. Failure to complete and submit the enrollment verification from may result in a hold placed on your CheckMarq account which may prevent you from the following:

  • Enrolling in courses for the term you return to the Marquette campus
  • Transcript requests

See the Course Approval, Verification, and Credit Transfer Process website for more information.

Service Learning Course: MARQ 3961

This 3-credit online course is taken in conjunction with service learning activities while studying abroad. Connect with other MU students having similar experiences and get online support and guidance from MU faculty.

Students must identify their own volunteer or service experience in their host country. Enrollment in this course will NOT count toward any full-time course enrollments required by their host institution.

Other Resources While Abroad

Reminder that there is an OIE emergency line available 24/7 so you can reach us at any time of the day or night. For general inquires, you can always email studyabroad@marquette.edu. Other essential resources and reminders you should be keeping an eye out for during your studies abroad:

Health & Safety

Although you are not physically on campus, we are here to assist as much as we can. Other resources that have been provided to you will assist you in incidents while abroad can be found on our health and safety website.

Emergencies abroad: Contact our emergency line: +1 (414) 288-1911. This will put you in direct contact with the Marquette Police Department and routed to the first available staff member in our office to assist with your situation.

U.S. embassies abroad are located abroad and can assist with both emergency and non-emergency situations. Be sure to locate the nearest U.S. embassy in your host country.  Note that U.S. embassies are restricted in legal services they can provide to U.S. citizens while abroad. This means they cannot get you out of jail if you find yourself incarcerated. Review legal matters abroad on the U.S. State Department’s website.

Special Considerations

We continuously work to inform and provide resources for students going abroad to ensure that our students are prepared to go abroad. Countries all over the world have different societal views on certain groups of people. Being aware of these differences can help you during your studies abroad. We encourage that students review the following information below, especially for women and LGTBQI abroad:

Report an Incident

If you would like to report sexual harassment, non-consensual sexual contact or intercourse, relationship/intimate partner violence or stalking, you have a number of reporting options. Being abroad does not exempt you from potential dangers or situations that can occur in your host country (just like how it would be back here in the U.S.). For more information, visit the Marquette Sexual Misconduct website.

Travel While Abroad

Don’t forget to register any side trips in your study abroad application account (Side Trip Registration). Safety is our number one priority for students abroad, so please utilize the following resources to ensure you’re prepared for any upcoming side travels you may plan during your time abroad:

Cultural Adjustment

The best way to get immersed with the local host culture is to get involved with your local community and to network outside of your American bubble. Remember, you are there to learn but also to experience another setting outside of your regular academic experience back on the Marquette campus. OIE’s goals for you:

  • Increase ones Intercultural Competence: Effectively and appropriately interacting within a variety of cultural contexts through knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Develop ones Global Perspective: Developing and enhancing one’s global perspective cognitively, intrapersonally and interpersonally.
  • Personal Growth and Development: Gaining confidence in one’s perceived independence, goal accomplishment and sense of purpose.
  • Second-language Acquisition: Improving one’s written, oral, auditory and speaking-abilities in a second-language.

Stay Connected With OIE

We’d love to hear from you throughout your study abroad experience! Here are a couple of ways to get in touch with us:

Register for Next Semester Classes

Do not forget to register for next semester classes in CheckMarq at your appointed time, if abroad during a registration period. Be sure to get in contact with your academic advisor, if needed, to proceed forward in your course registration period. For a general calendar of the registration period, refer to the academic calendar. You are responsible for taking the steps necessary to ensure that all holds on your registration have been cleared before attempting to enroll in classes. CheckMarq will prevent you from registering if you have an active hold on your record.

Also, consider registering in the study abroad re-entry course.  For more information, please contact studyabroad@marquette.edu.

Study Abroad Credits

Remember to bring all course materials and syllabi back to campus in the event you need to have courses approved or reviewed after your return. Refer to our course approval process webpage to ensure you are set to transfer back your study abroad credits.

If you find that you need to register for a completely new course that you did not obtain prior course approval for, be sure to contact the college contact listed in the link to obtain approval as soon as possible. You don’t want to be surprised when you return from your study abroad program and your credits do not transfer.


If your program does not automatically send transcripts, please remember to request them. If you don’t know your host university’s process regarding your study abroad transcript, please contact your host university program coordinator.

Voting While Abroad

If you’re 18 years old, you can still participate in U.S. elections if you’ll be missing upcoming elections. Voting while abroad is now easier than ever. Check out the two-step process on how to vote while abroad.