Craig Andrews 2018 Haggerty Faculty Award for Research Excellence Recipient

Professor and Charles H. Kellstadt Chair of Marketing

From food and nutrition labels, to warning labels for tobacco use, to children’s online behavior, Dr. Craig Andrews knows that marketing affects much more than a consumer’s purchasing choices.

Andrews, professor and Charles H. Kellstadt Chair of Marketing, has dedicated his career to the intersection of marketing and public health. In fact, he’s one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject. With experience at the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission, his work aims to reduce adolescent smoking, increase the usefulness of nutritional and pharmacy labeling, and strengthen the effectiveness of warnings and disclosures.

His current research, “Effects of E-cigarette Health Warnings and Modified Risk Ad Claims on Adolescent Smoking Beliefs and Intentions,” focuses on the issues of newer e-cigarette trends and narrows in on the associated risks that are not as well-known.

After spending 33 years at Marquette, Andrews believes that his research goes hand in hand with his teaching.

“I’ve always been drawn to Marquette because of the appreciation of both teaching and research and the interaction between the two,” Andrews says.

After final revisions of his current work, Andrews will switch his focus to a relatively new public health concern — children’s online privacy. This summer he will begin work on his next study, “The Role of Cognitive Defense Strategies and Age Differences in Children’s Responses to Sharing Online Privacy Information,” as he continues to pursue research in the spirit of cura personalis