Intellectual Property

Inventor & OEE Responsibilities

Inventor Responsibilities

OEE responsibilities

Disclose inventions to OEE using the Marquette Inventor Portal

Evaluate invention disclosures for commercial potential

Assign (or give ownership) of your invention to Marquette

Work with the ORSP to file federally required invention reports

Submit all relevant data and materials to help with patent filing or securing other intellectual property rights

Review and edit the drafts of patent and any patent office requirements

Coordinate patent and other filings with intellectual property attorneys

Assist in creating marketing materials

Prepare marketing materials with inventor input

Assist in identifying commercial partners through your networks, a proven technology transfer strategy

Work with commercial or community partners to market technology

Provide timely input as needed and requested by OEE on various matters pertaining to agreements

Negotiate, draft and execute legal agreements including confidentiality, inter-institutional/joint ownership, option, license, educational research and sponsored research agreements

Respond to OEE in a timely fashion

Communicate and update inventor with progress

Actively participate throughout the technology transfer process

Distribute and track royalty revenue according to institutional policy


Technology Transfer process is non-linear graph

  • Disclose Invention (via Inteum Inventor Portal) and Meeting (30 days) and Evaluate (90 days)
  • Patent Prosecution (3-5 years)
  • Market (6-24 months)
  • License (6-12 months)
  • Development and Sale by Industry Partner (5-20 years)