Professional Development

Whether you want to explore new avenues or advance your current career, Marquette University provides options to develop your professional potential and to extend your formal education.

Our team can work with partners to identify specific opportunities for professional development, including options that are customized for a specific corporate audience.

  • Participating on advisory boards
  • Serving as mentors for capstone and senior design projects
  • Enrolling in executive and continuing education programs (e.g., Bridge to Business and E-Lead)

Innovation Alley

We often think of technology when discussing innovation, but it's people who drive the critical spark for innovative thinking. Here at Marquette, we have a distinctive heritage of developing mission-driven, ethical leaders who know how to work together to find solutions to the world's most pressing problems. In the spirit of innovative thinking, Innovation Alley will drive us to reimagine education both in the classroom and in our workplaces, creating a ripple effect far beyond the boundaries of our campus. By keeping the person at the heart of everything we do, we can create leaders who will embrace a new mindset, welcome change and transformation, and create environments for taking risks.

Bridge to Business

Marquette University's Bridge to Business program is designed to develop the business skills of early-career engineers, making sure that they can and will be successful leaders in business.

Course objectives include developing effective leadership and communication skills and the tools to effectively deliver engineering expertise cross-functionally across the organization. The curriculum for this six-day program was designed by Marquette's College of Business Administration in collaboration with the Opus College of Engineering and allows students to experience a mix of classroom learning and applied learning.


E-Lead is a technical leadership program created by the Opus College of Engineering to develop an entrepreneurial mindset in students, helping them to address 21st-century global challenges. This program will prepare individuals to lead through innovation, educating them to guide technical teams in strategic problem-solving, and engage with people and organizations across the human spectrum.

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