Logo Structure and Use

Our logo represents who we are, and our tagline encapsulates what we stand for. When combined, they signify exactly what makes us so unique. Because they are an important symbol of our identity, it is imperative that we use them consistently.

For complete information and examples, please review the Marquette Brand Identity guidelines.





Marquette University Logo



Marquette University Logo


Marquette University Logo


The Marquette logo is composed of the words Marquette University, set in all uppercase letters in a modified Adobe ITC Berkeley Oldstyle typeface with a graphic representation of the Marquette Hall tower. Linking the university's name to one of the institution's oldest and most recognizable landmarks helps the logo uniquely and distinctively represent the university.

There is a centered (top left), vertical (middle) and a horizontal (top right) version of the logo. All are acceptable to use, depending on design and space considerations.

Use of the tagline

The tagline Be The Difference conveys, in a simple way, Marquette's educational promise to form men and women for others, to help students and the Marquette community become leaders who will make important contributions and be the difference in their communities. The Marquette logo with the tagline should be used prominently on all promotional materials.

Guidelines for use

Using the Marquette logo in a consistent manner is vital to communicating the university's brand.

The Marquette logo is the official university signature. As such, the logo with the Be The Difference tagline should be used prominently on promotional materials, including publications, advertising, stationery and digital media. Exceptions must be granted by the Office of University Relations via email request or by calling 414-288-2261.

  • The centered (primary logo) is the preferred mark for use on all communications. When appropriate and dependent on space, the horizontal and vertical logos are also acceptable.
  • The logo was designed to be used in its entirety. The type and tower graphic must never be used separately.
  • Reproduction of the university logo must adhere to the color, size and spacing guidelines outlined in the Marquette Brand Identity guidelines.
  • The logo must not be photocopied, scanned, re-created, reproportioned or altered in any way.
  • To request use of the university logo, please complete the logo request form.

A note about clear space

Maintaining clear space around the logo ensures that it remains fully legible and has room to breathe. Photos, text and graphic elements must follow this guideline. Use the height of the Marquette icon as a measuring tool for proper clearance and the ‘Q’ in the Marquette logo to properly space the lockup elements.

The x represents the minimum clear space required around the logo. There is, however, no maximum distance necessary.


Marquette Horizontal logo


Marquette Vertical logo

Vertical centered

Marquette Centered logo

Size regulations

Like many graphic elements, the Marquette logo loses its integrity at very small sizes. To ensure legibility, the word Marquette should never appear smaller than six picas (1 inch) in length.