The Milwaukee Roots Project is a set of programs and initiatives hosted by the Center for Urban Research, Teaching & Outreach (CURTO) at Marquette University. MKE Roots programs and initiatives use local histories of social change movements as an impetus for generating dialogue with others about social justice. The MKE Roots Project has 2 general arms of programming:

Milwaukee Roots Dialogue Series

Participants engage in guided discussion about Milwaukee Roots through interacting with CURTO's March on, Milwaukee Digital History Series. About half of each dialogue group is made up of Marquette students enrolled through Service Learning, and the other half are members of the Marquette and Milwaukee community. Learn more about the program series here.

Milwaukee Roots Democratizing Local History Project

This initiative collaborates with local high schools to build strategies for using local histories of social change movements as a way to strengthen student identity, enhance learning engagement, and empower civic engagement.