In this interdisciplinary master's program in public service, students learn to effectively lead nonprofit organizations, and understand their key components including budgets, board memberships, personnel oversight, corporate statuses, program development, and relations between government and the nonprofit sector. The PUBS MA program consists of ten courses, totaling 30 credit hours, and the completion of a Professional Project in collaboration with a local organization. 

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The interdisciplinary minor in urban affairs introduces students to urban issues from multiple disciplines. Students have the opportunity to take classes in economics, history, political science, and social and cultural sciences. The urban affairs minor consists of six courses, totaling 18 credit hours. 

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CURTO has developed valuable relationships with the Honors Program, with much support from Dr. Amelia Zurcher. CURTO connections with honors include the following:

  • Engaging the City Courses: Building from CURTO's relationships with local community partners, these courses position undergraduate honors students with project-based learning opportunities in collaboration with local community partners.
  • Peer Mentorship Program: Each year two honors students work as mentors to support their peers in Engaging the City courses, gaining valuable leadership skills in community engagement and outreach.
  • Research Internship Program:  Each year CURTO works with the Honors Program to facilitate collaboration opportunities between student research projects and local community partners.

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