Marquette University maintains a no weapons allowed policy to the extent permitted under 2011 Wisconsin Act 35, which authorizes the carrying of concealed weapons by licensed individuals. The university complies with applicable state and federal statutes and local ordinances regarding the possession of firearms or other dangerous weapons.

The university prohibits the possession of weapons in campus buildings, including both academic and office facilities and residence halls. In accordance with state law, signs are posted on these buildings indicating that "Weapons are prohibited in this building."

University policies, as well as student and employee handbooks, have been revised to reflect exactly what is and is not permissible. Those details, as well as requirements for guests, tenants and contractors, are included on this website.

The Marquette University weapons policy as applied to:

Weapons guidelines for specific instances


Any questions about the weapons policy?

Call the Department of Public Safety at (414) 288-6800 with concerns about violations of the weapons policy. For emergencies call 288-1911.

The university considers any violation of its weapons policy to be a serious matter.