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Marquette scholars across campus are striving to be the difference for people of all ages and abilities. Periodically, we will feature a faculty member with a particularly interesting and impactful line of research. Get to know these featured faculty below!


Faculty Focus

Dr. Eugenia AfinoguenovaEugenia Afinoguénova, Ph.D.

Skills and Lab Techniques: Languages, mapping, computer visualization, 3D concepts, museum studies, film studies.

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Research Interests: “One of our new projects seeks to design, evaluate, and potentially implement an experimental module for second language instruction integrating physical exercise activities into the teaching of languages. Just like physical exercise, learning a second language comprises sequences of practice-based tasks involving repetition, goal-making, quick reaction, and response to feedback. Existing research on Second Language Acquisition points to the benefits of integrating language learning with physical exercise, while research in Health Science suggests that language learning may enhance blood flow in the brain and prevent the chance of mental decline, similar to physical exercise.  Still, research on this interdisciplinary, innovative subject remains very preliminary and has not been translated into classroom practices. Our project seeks to fill the existing gap between language acquisition and exercise science by designing an innovative set of activities dedicated to teaching common second language oral comprehension skills together with moderate to vigorous physical exercise, testing these activities on a limited sample of students (40 students) in a lab environment, interpreting the data, and making recommendations for implementation of these methods in language classes and developing samples for instructors to use."

Ongoing Research Project:

Funding Sources: Mellon Foundation Grant

Education: Ph.D., 1999, Georgetown University, Spanish Peninsular Literature and Cultural Studies, Mentor/Advisor: Alejandro Yarza

Personal Background: Born and raised in Moscow (Russia), Eugenia learned Spanish and French at Moscow State University and worked as an interpreter for a Spanish wine importer bringing tankers of wine to what used to be the Soviet Union. In 1992, on a family trip to DC, she could audit a graduate class. The impact was such that she decided to return to school and never looked back. Eugenia lives on the East Side with her husband Yance who, as a hobby, writes about the history of Milwaukee. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, swimming in Lake Michigan, and Flamenco dancing. Her favorite travel destination is anywhere in Spain and Portugal.

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