Student Research Experiences

Learn more about student research experiences at the AHPRC by reading pieces about student research written by our own student researchers. 


Student Research Pieces

Research and the Inability to Settle: An Unexpected Journey to Move Exercise Science Forward
-Rachel Beilfuss, Graduate Student

When I applied to Marquette, research was never something in which I thought I would get involved, for I didn’t know much about the research process or the importance of being involved in research.  However, I realized that my inability to accept things without further depth of understanding was an excellent reason to pursue research.... Read More.

Learning by Asking ‘Why’: How Research at Marquette Teaches the Value of Questions and Puts Meaning to ‘Critical Thinking.'   
Leah Kern, Undergraduate Student 

One of the main ways we as humans learn is through questioning what we see, hear, and experience in the world around us. Over the past few weeks working as a student intern in Dr. Sundberg’s Integrative Muscle Physiology and Energetics Lab at Marquette, one of the most important lessons I have learned is the value in asking ‘why’ and thinking critically... Read more.