Academic Opportunities

Pilot Award

The AHPRC research pilot awards began in 2018 and are aimed to build an interdisciplinary team of researchers for collaborative health- and performance-related research. 

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2023-24 Pilot Award Winners

  • “Physical Activity Patterns and Sex Differences in Adolescent Athletes: A Pilot Study” – Dr. Jacob Capin, Dr. Jena Heck Street, Dr. Kaycee Glattke
  • “Validation of Remote-Synchronous and Remote-Asynchronous Physical Performance-Based Outcome Measurement” – Dr. Daniel Pinto, Dr. Iqbal Ahamed, Kieran Mullen
  • “Muscle Contributions to Cardiac Function and Exercise Abilities in Patients with Fontan” – Michael Danduran and Dr. Salil Ginde (MCW)


Summer Student Research Initiative

The Marquette AHPRC Summer Student Research Initiative (SSRI) is designed to facilitate student research experiences and support the mission and global goal of the AHPRC. Stay tuned for the next call for SSRI applications.



2023-24 SRI Award Winners

  • Tess Birmingham, exercise physiology major (mentored by Dr. Christopher Sundberg): “Impact of Blood Flow Restriction on Satellite Cell and Capillary Content in Skeletal Muscle of Older Adults”
  • Lilianna Buss, medical laboratory science major (mentored by Dr. Nilanjan Lodh): “Health Monitoring and Educational Intervention: Improving Well-being of the African American Community”
  • Joanna Lee, biomedical sciences major (mentored by Dr. Christopher Sundberg): “Potential Role of Cellular Senescence on Skeletal Muscle Fiber Type-Specific Atrophy with Aging”
  • Grace Tostrud, exercise physiology major (mentored by Dr. Jacob Capin): “Bone Density in Athletes Participating in Jumping, Cutting, and Pivoting Sports: An Understudied Population”

2021 SRI Award Winners: Emily Anderson, Stephanie Jansen, Sarah Lessila, Jane Layden, Charlie Rydeski

2020 SRI Award Winners: Isabell Dobrzycki, Jane Layden, Davina Lettau, Emily Olsen, Katie Slater, Brianna Weibye

View the research posters of the 2020 academic year SRI awardees here!

Watch the SRI Students present their posters: