Blended Curriculum

One of the philosophies of the Marquette University MAT program that has become well received by our students is the blending of the didactic course work and the clincial education experiences. This "blending" occurs daily as you attend classes for didactic content and clinical rotations in the same day. This allows students to learn a course content or skill in the classroom and potentially see or experience that skill or concept in the clincial setting.

It is not uncommon for students to be able to implement an evaluation, or treatment or see a condition discussed in class in the morning first hand in the afternoon while participating in their clinical experiences.

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Our students have commented this is a component of the program that they enjoy and feel it provides them with an excellent opportunity to "bridge" the gap between classroom and clinical application. 

Throughout the entire program the curriculum follows this format leading up to and preparing our students for their final full immersive clincial experience.