Clinical Education Opportunities

One of the staples of the Masters of Athletic Training Program here at Marquette University is the clinical education component that provides a wide array of clinical opportunities for students. Throughout your time in the program students have the opportunity to experience traditional settings such as Division 1 athletics and area high school athletic teams, to urgent care settings to non-traditional settings. All of which provides students a diverse background of clinical experiences when completing the program.

The offering of didactic course work and clinical education experiences simultaneously provide students the opportunity to learn a skill or a condition in a didactic course and see that case in a hands-on clinical experience the same day! We offer these opportunities in many clinical settings.

Our diverse clinical education experiences

Acute and Urgent Care Setting


Following completion of the Emergency Management course our students participate in clinical experiences in the acute and urgent care setting. This includes both the pre-hospital and in-hospital emergency and urgent care settings. During the initial Practicum I course the students clinical experiences involve ride along with local fire department EMS which offers the opportunity to experience first hand pre-hospital care by paramedics and EMS personnel.


Additionally, as part of Practicum I students participate in clinicals at a local Level 1 trauma center which provides opportunities to see the content of Emergency Management course content implemented firsthand in the emergency department

Traditional Setting


An additional strength of the Master of Athletic Training Program here at Marquette University is our strong relationship and partnership our program has with our on campus athletic training staff and the D1 athletic programs here at Marquette University. In the students first year (Fall and Spring terms) Marquette MAT students participate in clinical experiences within the Division I Big East athletic program and teams here on campus.

These opportunities occur across the board with all sports with input from the students as to their desire of teams to work with. While the program is required to meet CAATE standards relative to clinical exposures our Clinical Education Coordinator works with students to attempt to meet their interest as much as possible for your clinical experiences.

 Traditional off campus


In addition to the Division I traditional athletic setting our program also partners with area high schools and other Division III colleges and universities for clinical experiences. While Marquette University does not have football as part of its D1 athletic program our MAT students are granted experience working alongside preceptors on the sidelines for the Fall football season. While the main goal of this rotation is exposure to football, students work with all sports during the high school rotations. This provides the MAT the ability to work with a diverse population of various sports, gender and injury background.


Non-Traditional Setting

The profession of athletic training continues to evolve beyond the traditional athletic setting. Opportunities beyond athletics in the areas of industrial setting, the physician setting, public safety, military and beyond continue to expand on a regular basis. Students in the Marquette Masters of Athletic Training Program are provided opportunities to experience these settings as part of the clinical education components. As part of the "non traditional" clinical rotations students are exposed to area clinical sites that include Quad Graphics, Amazon, Milwaukee Ballet as well as physician offices, and other local non-traditional settings. This provides our students the ability to experience the profession of athetic training and the benefits of the athletic trainer skill set beyond the traditional athletic setting. 

             (MAT full immersive "aerial view" of San Antonio-
                            San Antonio Fire Department)

From the skies above San Antonio in a fire department aerial to pediatric orthopedics, Marquette MAT students gain clinical experiences in a wide array of non-traditional settings. As the profession of athletic training continues to expand beyond traditional settings our program provides students clinical experiences in these non-traditional settings. In the Marquette MAT program our students gain clinical exposures at various non-traditional settings including the industrial setting, physician setting, public safety as well as sports performance facilities. These clinical experiences allow students to explore these growing settings to explore interest they may have in pursuing a career in athletic training beyond the traditional setting. 

 Full Immersive Clinical Experiences

In addition to the regular clincial experiences each semester the Marquette program offers students two full immersive experience opportunites. From the hills above Camp Pendleton and the military setting, to high above San Antonio in the fire department aerial to the traditional atheltic setting and the college baseball world series. Our students final full immersive clincial experience can be performed in a variety of settings.

 MAT camp pendleton

 full immersive

The first is a "mini" full immersive with area high schools and D3 colleges experiencing the pre-season football. This allows students the opportunity to work with their certified athletic trainer preceptor to prepare for the upcoming football and Fall sport seasons.