Symposium Award Nominations


The Office of Community Engagement underscores the university’s commitment to community engagement and diversity and inclusion. The office is guided by the definition of community engaged activities as those in which you have significant and direct interaction with the community (local, regional/state, national, global) that will allow for the bi-directional exchange of knowledge and resources in the context of collaboration.

Best practices in cultivating bi-directional partnerships, developing community-based research, and utilizing community-based learning pedagogies will be highlighted at the inaugural Community Engagement Symposium entitled, “Deepening Partnerships in Pursuit of Social Justice.” The Office of Community Engagement, along with the Center for Teaching and Learning—Service Learning Program, Office of Public Affairs, and Office of Research Sponsored Programs, is pleased to co-sponsor these exciting awards in recognition of outstanding contributions to the well-being of the community.

General Information


  • Community Engaged Teaching Award: Recipients will be faculty members who utilize meaningful, high impact, transformational teaching to provide the spark for our undergraduate/graduate students to challenge injustice in our communities and embrace diversity through the use of service learning; or, other community-based learning experiences. Any faculty member be nominated, or apply, for the award.

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  • Community Engaged Research Partnership Award: Recipients will demonstrate how a respectful, bi-directional collaboration makes a positive difference in the community and enhances knowledge. A rich description of the community-based research should include how it might be replicated and stimulate new ways to address social issues. Any faculty member, or community member and/or agency can be nominated, or apply, for the award.

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  • Community Partner Award: Recipients will demonstrate how they have contributed to the academic growth of our students and/or supported faculty and institutional goals through a project(s) or partnership that promotes public scholarship (community service, service-learning, civic engagement, etc.). Any community member and/or agency can be nominated, or apply, for the award.

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Award amounts:

  • Community Engaged Teaching Award:
    $2,500 for professional development
  • Community Engaged Research Partnership Award:
    $2,500 for faculty member for professional development
    $2,500 for community partner for professional development, or professional supplies
  • Community Partner Award:
    $2,500 for professional development or professional supplies

Application Process and Requirements

A one page narrative outlining the reasons for applying, or nominating someone, for an award should include a brief description of the project, the impact of the partnership on the organization, community, and/or students served, and the ways in which the project exemplifies a bi-directional partnership. Award winners will be invited to present their work at the 2019 Community Engagement Symposium.

Timetable of Activities

Applications/nominations will be accepted now through October 1, 2019 to be reviewed by members of the Community Engagement Symposium Planning and Advisory Committees. After award decisions are made winners will be notified and invited to attend the award ceremony at the Community Engagement Symposium on November 12, 2019 at Marquette University in the Alumni Memorial Union.