Poverty Research Initiative


In recognition of the Ignatian Year and the Jesuits’ Universal Apostolic Preference of “walking with the excluded” we are inviting Marquette University researchers who focus on poverty, its root causes, and its subsequent effects on members of the various communities across Milwaukee to:

  • connect with community leaders, as well as engage with members of the community that we intend to serve
  • explore new ways to advance our research/scholarship in alignment with community needs.

The Poverty Research Initiative will convene monthly throughout the 2021-2022 academic year, engaging community leaders in dialogue and mutual exchange of ideas to inform both practice and research outcomes.

Steering Committee

  1. Gabriel Velez, Assistant Professor, Educational Policy and Foundations Program Coordinator, College of Education
  2. Marilyn Frenn, Professor, College of Nursing
  3. Aleksandra Snowden, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor, Social and Cultural Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences
  4. Dan Bergen, Executive Director, Community Engagement, Office of Economic Engagement
  5. Jeanne Hossenlopp, Vice President, Research and Innovation

Dialogue Series

Policy Institute for Poverty and Institutional Racism - September 30, 2021 – 10-11am – Virtual Event

Dr. George Hinton, President and CEO of the Social Development Commission (SDC), and panelists  discuss their plans for the establishment of a Policy Institute for Poverty and Institutional Racism.  

Click here to view the recording of this event. 

Panelists include: 

  • Dr. Lucas Torres, Professor, Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Commissioner Dr. Chia Youyee Vang, UW Milwaukee 
  • Commissioner Donna Brown-Martin, Milwaukee County Director of Transportation  
  • Dr. Keenan D. Grenell, CEO Global Capital Group LLC   

They overview their research and concept, as they consider transformative interventions and systems re-engineering related to poverty and the intersections of institutional racism. 

SDC Summit on Poverty - October 19-21, 2021

To learn more visit https://www.cr-sdc.org/event/2021-summit-on-poverty


Contact Us 

Are you a faculty or student interested in getting connected with the Poverty Research Initiative? Email innovation@marquette.edu

Are you a community member interest in getting connected with the Poverty Research Initiative? Email daniel.bergen@marquette.edu