Community Engagement Symposium

Six Pathways to Public Engagement

November 12, 2019, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Alumni Memorial Union 1442 W. Wisconsin Ave 

For the 2019 Community Engagement Symposium, we are focusing our gathering around "Six Pathways to Public Engagement," as identified by Stanford University's Haas Center for Public Service ( . The Haas Center's Pathways highlight the multiple opportunities and activities that contribute and influence the public good. These include: Direct Service, Policy and Government, Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility, Community Engaged Learning and Research, Community Organizing and Activism, and Philanthropy. For our discussion, we would like to highlight how all of these different sectors of community collaborate to address social inequity in our communities. Our goal is to stimulate increased partnerships within these sectors.

To guide us in this daylong conversation, we have invited six speakers, one representative from each of these "Pathways," to tell the story about how their work and how their organizations address social justice in Milwaukee. Each representative will have about 10-12 minutes to tell their story.

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Statement of Purpose:

The Marquette University Community Engagement Symposium will promote engaged research and scholarship to confront issues of social justice. The symposium will illuminate best practices in cultivating deep partnerships, community-based research and community-based learning pedagogies.

Primary Objectives:

  1. Provide community organizations and faculty members the chance to engage in dialogue about and networking related to mutually beneficial, bidirectional research and learning opportunities.
  2. Provide community organizations and faculty with the necessary tools and resources (e.g. funding opportunities, publication outlets, etc.) to support and strengthen partnerships.

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