Bulk Edit Dates

Managing dates is important. It affects the student's ability to stay on task and meet deadlines. Eventually, the Work-To-Do widget on the D2L home page will be available to students. This tool will allow them to manage all due dates across all courses.

To edit dates for all activities in one location, navigate to Edit Course (navbar) > Manage Dates.

Filter by Tool

Filter by tool if you do not want to manage all activities at once.

  1. Select Specific Tools radio button.
  2. Check the tool you would like to focus in on.
  3. Select Apply Filter button.

Bulk Edit Dates

The Bulk Edit option allows you to check activities you would like set to the same date.

Bulk Offset Dates

The Bulk Edit Offset option allows you to offset by days and hours either forward or backward. You can use a previous assignment date to allow the system to calculate between the old and new assignment date. Check individual activities or all by checking the top check box to offset the entire list.

You may need to manually adjust some dates because of holidays.

Video Walkthrough

Manage Dates - video