D2L Discussion Evaluation & Feedback

Manage how to assess students


  1. Add Rubric by creating a new or adding an existing. This will allow you to assess a student's discussion post using an interactive rubric.
  2. Manage Learning Objectives allows you to associate learning objectives.
  3. Allow evaluation of individual posts will be made visible once the discussion post is connected to the grade book. Calculation options: average post score, maximum post score, minimum post score, mode post score - highest on multiple, mode post score - lowest on multiple and sum of post scores. There is an option to make unevaluated posts in the topic score calculation as zero.
  4. Allow learners to rate posts will allow students to rate each others' posts using a rating scale of the instructor's choice: five-star, up vote/down vote, up vote only.


If you choose to add a rubric, do not select to evaluate individual posts. The same applies if you would prefer to evaluate individual posts.