Highlighted Quiz Features (student guide)

When taking a quiz or exam, students will see some new features available.

Show or Hide Timer

To reduce anxiety during a test, the student will have the option to hide the timer in the upper right-hand corner. Once this setting is changed, it will be saved for all future quizzes.

To hide the timer, the student will need to hover over the time remaining to make the Hide Timer link visible. Once clicked, the student will only see Show Timer displayed.

Quiz Information

The student will have access to a Quiz Information link on the left hand side below the questions without having to leave the quiz. This information provides quiz details (i.e., quiz period, time limit, attempts allowed and description text, if applicable).

Auto Submit

If an enforced time limit has been selected, it is possible the instructor chose to auto submit the quiz. The student may see a message stating your work has been saved and submitted. A warning timer will alert you there is a minute remaining. However, if the quiz is 10 minutes or longer, the warning will display at 5 minutes. If the quiz is 20 minutes or longer, it will display at half of the elapsed time.

Bonus Questions

Quizzes identify bonus questions with Bonus written next to the quiz question number and point value.