D2L Quiz Attempts & Completion

Attempts & Completion

  1. Manage Attempts by changing the default from one attempt to a specific number up to 10 or unlimited attempts. Set the overall grade calculation to one of the following: Highest Attempt (default setting), Lowest Attempt, Average of all Attempts, First Attempt, Last Attempt.
  2. Category option makes it easy to reassign the quiz to an existing category. Learn more about categories.****Hyperlink to a new page****
  3. Notification Email option allows you to enter your email to receive a notification when the student has completed the quiz attempt. The course offering code, course offering name, quiz name and student name will be emailed to you immediately upon submission.
    • Note: If you don't want to be inundated with emails, but want to check the status of completed quiz attempts, navigate to Manage Grades quiz list to select Grade from the drop-down menu of the quiz name.