Availability Dates & Conditions -Synchronous Quiz

Availability Dates & Conditions

  1. Enter a Start Date. This grants access to the quiz or exam only at the start date you specify.
  2. Do not enter an End Date.
  3. Add Release Condition allows you to create a new or add an existing condition. A student would need to complete a specified activity before given access to the quiz or exam.
  4. Manage Special Access allow you to add accommodations to specific students. Common uses is for giving additional time on a quiz or exam or changing the due date or start/end date.
  5. Enter a Password if you would like to restrict access to the students given access to the password. Common use is in an in-person proctored testing environment.
  6. Manage IP Restriction allow you to restrict the access of the quiz or exam to IP addresses coming from a given IP range.