D2L Quiz Timing & Display

Timing & Display



Synchronous Quiz Settings:

  1. Timer Settings allows you to set up enforced time for an asynchronous and synchronous quizzes. The default is set to an asynchronous quiz to automatically submit when time is up. 
    • Note: If you are creating a Synchronous Quiz or Exam, you would need to change the default setting from Asynchronous to Synchronous in Timing & Display. Be sure to enter a Start Date in the Availability Dates & Conditions panel.
  2. Paging is used for organizing your questions into pages by either displaying them altogether, one per page, 5 questions per page, 10 questions per page, or customized by using a page break after each section.
  3. Shuffle Quiz is shuffling questions and sections within the quiz to prevent students from receiving questions in the same order. This does not apply to sub-sections.
  4. Display provides an option to allow hints on the quiz or exam. Check to disable email, instant messages, and alerts within D2L.
  5. Manage Header and Footer allows you to add text to the top and bottom of the quiz. Be sure to click the Add button and save your edits.