Dropbox Access Restricted

The Brightspace (D2L) dropbox folder has a feature to restrict visibility of the dropbox description under the Availability Dates & Conditions section. Once a start date is entered, click Visible with access restricted to view the options allowed.

Student view of dropbox in a module

  1. Visible with access restricted - Students are able to see a dropbox is there without a description or instructions.
  2. Visible with submission restricted - Students are able to see a dropbox along with a description or instructions, but not able to submit. It is recommended to use this option if you plan on restricting access (i.e., adding a start date).
  3. Hidden - The student will not see it at all. It doesn't exist to the student and will not populate the calendar.
  4. Add Availability Dates to Calendar - Check the box if you would like the start and end dates to display in the calendar.