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News Tool menu options

D2L News itemsClick on the drop-down menu next to News to see all the options listed.

Go to News Tool: Provides a list of all the News Items that you’ve created. You can create, reorder, and delete News Items under this option.

New News Item: Allows you to create a News Item and edit all its settings.

Reorder News Items: Allows you to move News Items up or down the list. Students will see all the active News Items in the same order that they are in your list.

Notifications: Allows you to control how you receive notifications about activity in your course. Notifications can be received via email or SMS.


Create a News Item

On the Course Home page, click on the drop-down menu next to News to select New News Item.

It is possible to make a copy of an existing news item by selecting Copy from the drop-down menu.

D2L News Item
Type a name for your News Item in the Headline box [2].

Type your message in the content box. Use the rich text editor toolbar to edit the content [3].

Set up the availability (start and end dates and times) [4].

Add a file or record audio under Attachments (optional) [5].

Set up release conditions (optional) [6].

Publish or Save as Draft [7].

Delete a News Item

Select Delete from the drop-down menu next to the name of the News Item you want to delete.  (If you want to reuse the announcement for next term, then enter an end date under the Edit page.)

Note: Clicking on the X next to the news item will dismiss it from the Course Home page but will not delete it.  Each user must dismiss their own news item.  An instructor can set up an end date to remove it permanently from student view.

Common Uses and Suggestions

  • Create a welcome message to the course. (When a student logs in to the course, this will be the first item seen.)
  • Send students important messages or reminders instead of using email.
  • Share content/files or link to course components by selecting Insert Quicklink.
  • Use Insert Stuff to add multimedia (e.g., images, video, audio) to your message.
  • Format your message using the rich text editor toolbar (Brightspace Editor).

    Schedule News Items

    • Schedule News items to be delivered at specific dates/times.
    • Space out these announcements so students do not feel overwhelmed. 
    • The News items will remain hidden to students until that specific date/time.
    • Publish the News Item so it does not remain hidden at the specified date/time.
  • News items can be released based on completing an activity (e.g., students must submit to dropbox before viewing the announcement). Use the release condition found at the bottom of the Edit News Item page. Select Create and Attach. 
  • Students can dismiss News items, but they can’t delete. If you would like to delete or remove an item from student’s view, then select Go to News Tool from the drop-down list to select Edit and enter an End Date.
  • Encourage students to set up their notifications to receive an email or text message regarding any new or updated News items.