Face-to-Face Scheduled Teams Meetings

This semester you may be using Microsoft Teams as a virtual option to meet and discuss. When you open Teams you will navigate to your class Teams group. When you select that group you will be directed to the course groups General channel. In this channel your instructor will be posting a scheduled meeting that coincides with your Face to Face class time.

Below is an example of what this scheduled meeting would look like, it is indicated by a new text box with the text “Scheduled a Meeting” and below that a purple rectangle with the meeting title, date, and time which you will click on to Join the meeting. This Teams meeting will be used in lieu of our face to face sessions should we be moved to a temporary fully online schedule. In addition, should a student not be present in the Face to Face class due to quarantine restrictions, this is also the meeting invite you would select to stream our live course session. Prior to that, all quarantined students not available for class should contact the instructor directly if they need to attend the live session via Teams or need the Teams session recorded to be viewed later.

When a session is recorded, a link to the recording will show up in the General Channel of the Teams group. Should the class you are missing contain other supplement material these items will be posted in either D2L or under Files in the Teams site, your instructor will indicate where.

Student view of Microsoft Teams group discussion

If you have any questions, please reach out to your instructor.