D2L Quiz Accommodations

Edit Accommodations

Quiz accommodations can be set up once for all quizzes.  In the Classlist (main navbar), select a student to access Edit Accommodations from the drop-down menu. 

edit accommodations

Check the box for Modify Time Limit and enter either a multiplier of original quiz time or the number of extra minutes.   An accommodations icon will display after saving settings.

Note:  By entering the new enforced time limit in the Quizzes tool, it will overwrite any previously set quiz accommodations completed in the Classlist.  If you navigate to Special Access (Restrictions tab of the Quizzes Edit page), there will be an icon that indicates the override.

D2L special access icon - quizzes

Filter Classlist

Filter the Classlist for users with Accommodations by selecting Show Search Options to check the corresponding box.