Perusall Integration Setup

Setting up your course:

  1. Go to Content (main navbar) in one of your courses and pick an existing module or create a new one.
  2. In that module, click the Add Existing Activities button, and select External Learning Tools from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on Perusall to add the External Learning Tool to the module.
  4. Select Edit properties in place in the dropdown next to the newly created link and check Open as External Resource.
    Open external resource
  5. Reload the page. Reload page
  6. Click on the Perusall link. Perusall link
  7. Perusall will launch in a new window. A course will be created that is connected to your D2L course. If you have already set up an account, Perusall will send you an email to confirm connection to D2L. Click on the link in your email to confirm.
  8. In your newly-created Perusall site, set up your readings and assignments. A tour of the features will be presented to you when you first enter the course. You can exit the tour at any time.
    To add readings, click on Course home > Library > Add Content.
    Add content
    To add an assignment, click on Course home > Assignments > Add assignment.  Complete instructions for Content, Options and Scoring tabs within Assignments setup and click Save changes.
    Add assignment

For each assignment in Perusall:

  1. In Perusall, click on an assignment under Assignments on your course home page, and click the Copy full title for LMS (This will copy the name of the assignment to the clipboard.)
    Copy full title for LMS
  2. In D2L, within one of your content modules, select Add Existing Activities > External Learning Tools > Create New LTI Link.
    Create new LTI linkLegacy LTI tool
  3. For the name, paste in the Perusall assignment name from the clipboard, and enter for the launch point. Select Legacy LTI Tool and click Create and Insert.
  4. Select Edit properties in place in the dropdown next to the newly-created link, and check Open as external resource.
    edit properties
  5. Reload the page.
  6. Test out the link by clicking on it. You should be taken directly into the corresponding assignment in Perusall, bypassing the course home page in Perusall. If you are instead taken to the course home page in Perusall, check that the name of your link in D2L matches exactly with the name of the assignment in Perusall.
  7. Hide the original Perusall link so students know to only access through the Perusall assignment link.