Find and assess ungraded submissions at the course level or D2L home page using the Quick Eval tool. 

D2L home page

Access Quick Eval at the D2L home page and filter submissions by activity name, course or date.

  1. Select Quick Eval on the D2L home page.
    Quick Eval
  2. View by: Submissions or Activities (Discussions, Assignments, Quiz).
    Quick Eval view
  3. Filter submissions by Activity Name, Course or Date.
    Filter submissions
  4. Click on a student name to evaluate a submission.
  5. Save draft after grading a submission and return to the listing of submission by clicking Back to Quick Eval.
  6. A draft icon will display after a draft has been saved. Once you publish it will no longer display.

Course Level

Access Quick Eval at the course level via Assessments navbar and filter by activity name and date.

  1. Click Assessments (main navbar) and select Quick Eval from drop-down menu.
    Assessments tab
  2. Filter submissions by Activity Name or Date.
    Activties view
  3. To return to the Quick Eval tool on the D2L home page, select the Multi-Course Quick Eval option at the bottom of the page.
    Multi-course View