Written Response with LockDown (Quiz)

The instructor will provide the Excel document (no other file types are acceptable) to edit and insert in the response box.  Follow the instructions on how to insert your link in the text box.

  1. Click on the hyperlink in the test question that opens the document you are required to edit.
  2. Once you are done editing the document, you should see highlighted text in the upper left-hand of the page that says, “CLICK HERE TO SAVE YOUR WORK.”
  3. A dialog box appears stating your work has been placed on the clipboard. Click OK on the dialog box.  Click the Brightspace tab (at the top of the page) to return to the test.
  4. Use Control V (Windows) or Command V (Mac) to paste the URL in the response box.
  5. Continue to next question or click to Submit Quiz button when test has been completed.

Sumbit quiz