Sharing a video from Stream onto D2L

After you have uploaded all of your video content to Stream or recorded it through Teams, the final step is to add the video content onto D2L. Sharing a video from Stream onto D2L is the best way to share and organize information with your students. 

  1. To do so you will first obtain a link from your Stream video by using the more actions located on each video and selecting Share. Once selected a pop-up window will allow you to select a copy button which will copy the video link to your clipboard.
  2. Navigate to D2L and select the module or content section that you want to insert the video links. Once you have navigated to the correct content section, you will go to the New button located within each section.
    Click the "new" button in D2L
  3. Once selected a drop-down menu will appear, and you will select Create a Link.
    dropdown menu, select create a link
  4. Be sure to title the video, paste the Stream Link into the URL box, check the Open as External Resource box and then select Create.  
    Title your video
    Please note: When adding your video links to D2L create a title for the video with a meaningful description (not Module 1 Video), but rather (Chapter 1 Overview or Using Stream Videos in D2L). Meaningful descriptions help all students retain "where" they learned a concept and it also helps them navigate. This title does not have to match the title of the video in Stream but it is highly encouraged for you to change those as well.
  5. The video links will now show up in the Content section and when selected by students a new tab will open with access to the Stream video.
    Video link in the content section of D2L