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Attitude of Gratitude My Wellness Challenge | Nov. 20 - Dec. 17

As we look forward to the holiday season, gratitude is more important than ever. Cultivate gratitude, spread kindness, and strengthen connections with this upcoming wellness challenge. Each week, we’ll focus on a different theme that will not only boost your well-being but also make a positive impact on others. The goal of the challenge is to track four activities of gratitude each week for the duration of the four-week challenge.

Registration opens Monday, Nov. 13. The challenge runs Monday, Nov. 20, through Sunday, Dec. 17. Record four activities of gratitude during each of the four challenge weeks by Sunday, Dec. 17 to receive 25 My Wellness points.

How do I enroll in the challenge?

Go to My Wellness Portal and enter your personal username and password. Once you land on the ‘Challenges’ page, you are now enrolled in the challenge! First time users see the How Do I Enroll? FAQ on the My Wellness Program website.

How do I log my activity?

Log in to My Wellness Portal, click on the ‘Challenges’ tile, select ‘Yes’, enter what you are grateful for in the Notes box and click ‘Save.’ While it is recommended that participants log activities each day, you have until the end of the challenge to record your activities.

How am I eligible for My Rewards points and chances for giveaway prizes?

The goal is to log one thing you are grateful for every day. Participants who log four activities each week throughout the entire four-week challenge will be awarded 25 My Rewards points. Participants who log four activities in a week will also be entered into the weekly prize giveaway (the week ends each Sunday at 7 pm). The challenge will be held Monday, Nov. 20, through Sunday, Dec. 17. Registration opens Monday, Nov. 13; log four activities of gratitude during each week by Dec. 17 to receive your My Wellness points.

Interested in working with a health coach?

Challenge participants are encouraged to work with a personal health coach to help achieve your nutrition goals. You can connect with a free health coach by calling 800-882-2109 or visiting the ‘Coaching’ tab on your My Wellness Portal.

Marquette My Wellness Program

My Wellness Blue/Gold LogoDid you know Marquette University offers a wellness program for employees and their spouses? You can access resources to help you manage your health, track your activity and more. The program also includes confidential and professional counseling resources at no cost to you.

After registering on the My Wellness Portal, begin using the resources on the site and start tracking your activity. The reward structure is simple; you’ll start earning rewards just by registering. Learn more here.

What's new for 2023-2024?

  • To emphasize the importance of seeing your Primary Care Provider (PCP), participants can earn 200 points for visiting their PCP this year.
  • The new wellness year will be Oct. 1, 2023 through Aug. 15, 2024.