Mental Health Resources

Mindfulness Moments with Advocate Aurora EAP

Advocate Aurora EAP is excited to be rolling out a 6-week virtual offering for 30 minutes of Mindfulness practice. The sessions begin Wednesday, October 6th at noon. Each session will last 30 minutes and includes both information and time to practice.  Come and join Advocate Aurora EAP for some mindful moments. 

 AdvocateAuroraHealth Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

There are many reasons to contact The Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The Employee Assistance Program can provide work-life services, short-term counseling, referrals, and resource identification. Services provided are kept confidential. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a benefit for all Marquette University employees, spouses, and dependent children. The EAP is 100% Confidential

The EAP has also put together a presentation on how to return to your office with resilience.

We are Here for You (800) 236-3231.


The Counseling Center has partnered with SilverCloud to offer virtual mental health resources to the Marquette community. Through this new partnership, the tool is free and available to all Marquette faculty and staff. SilverCloud is an online platform offering self-guided programs for anxiety, depression, stress and resilience. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy principles, the self-guided programs are available anytime, on any device. 

Sign up for SilverCloud using your Marquette email address.


Check Out the Mental Health Matters videos from Advocate Aurora Employee Assistance Program



Stress Management

Mental Health in the Workplace

Alcohol Use & Abuse

Emotional Health Video Series from Dr. Saunders

Please find links and descriptions to Dr. Saunders three-part series.

Part One describes a framework for human functioning, as well as mental health, mental health issues, and the stigma surrounding mental health problems.

Part Two describes self-care practices for emotional health.

Part Three describes helping others, including an in-depth discussion about "having helpful conversations."

American Psychological Association

Once someone decides that they would like to seek mental health support, it can be difficult to know how to do that. The American Psychological Association can help with how to find help through seeing a psychologist as well as how to choose one

COVID-19 information from American Psychological Association: Psychological impact of COVID- 19 and Finding local mental health resources during the COVID-19 crisis.

Mental Health America

Not sure what you need? Take a mental health test.

Mental Health America (MHA) - founded in 1909 - is the nation's leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and to promoting the overall mental health of all Americans. Our work is driven by our committment to promote mental health as a critical part of overall wellness, including prevention services for all, early identification and intervention for those at great risk; integrated care, services, and supports for those who need it; with recovery as the goal.

Other Resources

Exercise is Medicine® has assembled a variety of resources and support for keeping active during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

Exercise is Medicine® created the Rx for Health series to provide essential guidelines on exercise for individuals and those with various chronic diseases and medical conditions. To access the list of chronic diseases and medical conditions access them here. 

CDC's Stress Management Resources A range of different information and resources that can help with reducing and coping with stress during the pandemic.

 100 Best Blogs for Healthy Joyful Living

Athletic and Human Performance Research Center (AHPRC) – weekly workouts

Employee Resource Groups   The primary objectives of ERGs are to promote a sense of community, build personal and professional networks, enhance employee support and retention, and assist in attracting new employees to Marquette to foster a diverse and inclusive community.

Faber Center   Offers spiritual guidance and direction to faculty and staff. Visit the Marquette Faith website for prayers and other resources.

National Public Radio Life Kit podcast series   Everyone needs a little help being a human. From sleep to saving money to parenting and more, we talk to the experts to get the best advice out there. Life Kit is here to help you get it together.

Raynor Memorial Library Consumer Health: Stress Resources

Teledoc   Talk to a doctor, therapist, or medical expert by phone or video.

Healthy Minds Program – free app   Translating pioneering neuroscience into tools for everyday life, our unique framework guides you through the four pillars (Awareness, Connection, Insight and Purpose) of the science of training the mind. 

Care for Your Coronavirus Anxiety   Resources for anxiety and your mental health in a global climate of uncertainty.

At Home Together – The Foundation for Art & Healing   Based on a growing body of scientific research, we know creative activities help to reduce anxiety. This site offers opportunities for engaging in creative expression, plus sharing and connecting with others.