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Finding relief from student loan debt

Take advantage of a solution that can make a significant difference when it comes to student debt. Brought to you through TIAA and powered by Savi, this tool helps find the best federal repayment and forgiveness programs for your financial situation—plus it simplifies the long-term task of navigating the way to forgiveness.

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Marquette University offers employees the opportunity to save for retirement on a tax-advantaged basis through the Marquette University Retirement 403(b) Plan. While 401(k) Plans are offered to those working at “for-profit” organizations, 403(b) retirement plans are offered to those working at certain “tax-exempt or not-for-profit organizations” such as educational institutions. TIAA administers the Retirement Plan on behalf of Marquette University.

In addition, and to help with your financial plan, Marquette has partnered with external organizations that can guide you on saving for retirement, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and more.

Their employee presentation materials are included below. While Marquette does not attempt to make exclusive endorsements of financial advisors, the information contained within these presentations will provide a framework for you to use in your financial planning. Your decision about using an advisor (or not) is totally up to you.

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Marquette University 403(b) Retirement Plan

The 403(b) Retirement Plan offers eligible employees the opportunity to make contributions through pre-tax deferrals or through Roth deferrals. Marquette matches contributions based on certain eligibiity criteria. All the details can be found on the Employee Benefits website and in the Summary Plan Description.  

TIAA Counseling Sessions

Register for a confidential virtual counseling session with a TIAA consultant by visiting or by calling 1-800-732-8353, Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm CST.

Once you are on the TIAA scheduling website, select:

  • Virtual Consultation (Schedule)
  • Your State of Residence
  • Search for available dates and times on the TIAA calendar

New on-campus Meetings Available

Meet with a TIAA financial consultant on-campus. Space is limited, so register now.

Life Insurance and Accidental Dealth & Dismemberment (AD&D)

To aid in your financial security, Marquette University provides Basic Life Insurance and AD&D coverage to eligible employees. The Employee Benefits website shows all the details. 

Retirement Resources from Francis Investment Counsel

A Word about Francis Investment Counsel:

“Francis Investment Counsel is a nationally recognized expert advisor to the employer retirement plan marketplace. Our Firm’s roots in retirement plan consulting opened our eyes to a tremendous need. We saw everyday people lacking objective financial advice from professionals they could trust. Our overall philosophy is driven by our sincere desire to develop personal relationships with employees of all income levels, providing them financial advice within a sales-free environment. Combined with years of experience, original content, and flexible delivery, our MoneyAdvice@Work® Financial Wellness Services help organizations take care of what matters most: their people.”

Their presentation materials from their on-site visit to Marquette University on January 11, 2023 follow:

Retirement Pre-Launch Checklist

All About Retiree Health Insurance

How to Turn on Retirement Income

Understanding Social Security

Pre-Retirement Presentation

Retirement Resources from Next Level Planning and Wealth Management

A Word about Next Level Planning and Wealth Management:

Our business is based on close personal relationships. We equate the relationship with our clients as a “personal financial coach” who provides comprehensive financial education and management. Realizing that to make any relationship work people must be comfortable working together, we clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each party to ensure a cohesive, productive alliance. Topics include: 

  • Medicare including Supplement, Advantage, and Prescription Drug coverage
  • Social Security
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Establishing a Retirement Timeline – What, when, and who is responsible

For more information, contact:

Paul T. Tourville, CASL, Partner

Next Level Planning & Wealth Management

(414) 369-6623 – Direct

Retirement Resources from LifeMatters, our Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) partner

Also, on (password MU1), you will find webinars on a variety of topics. Below are just a few examples:

- Financially Savvy Seniors

- On the Road to Riches: The Basics of Saving and Spending

- The Psychology of Spending

- Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney and Estate Planning

- Retirement and Elder Care

- Wills & Estates

- Real Estate

Learn more about Retiree Health Insurance Options: Pre-65 and 65 and Older