Outdoor Workout Stations

Much of the equipment that has been placed around the Marquette Mile can be used for more than one exercise, but here is a description of how to perform the exercises that each piece of equipment was designed for. 

1. Cramer Hall:

Knee Lift Station

Work on balance, flexibility and core strength. Lift your knees to waist level and hold or bring your knees up and down in a controlled manner. Keep your knees bent or do a straight leg raise. 

Assisted Functional Trainer

The Assisted Functional Trainer provides a wide range of fitness benefits for users of all ages and fitness levels. Designed specifically for the Active Aging community, it includes unique design elements that to provide additional support for users who need assistance. The center platform provides opportunities for step-up/step-down or step-up/step-over exercises, as well as stretching exercises. Using the Comfort Seat on one end, or from a mobility device, users can transition from a seated to standing position to enhance balance and functional fitness. 

2. Raynor Memorial Library:

Horizontal Chin-Up Station

The Horizontal Chin-Up Station provides some assistance in executing a chin-up. Users place their feet on the platform, lie down beneath the chin-up bar, grasp the bar with both hands and pull their body up. The station can also be used for elevated push-ups. The more horizontal you are to the bar, the more difficult this exercise is. 

Push-Up Combo

Designed with guidance from an exercise physiologist to create the optimum push-up experience, our Push-Up Combo features a unique hand grip curvature to create multiple challenge levels.

Accessible Parallel Bars

The Accessible Parallel Bars allow adults who use a mobility device to perform upper body exercises alongside their peers. The lower set of bars are designed for a user to pull him/herself and the mobility device into the bars. Grasping the bars, the user raises his or her body from the seat of the mobility device and lowers it back again to perform an effective upper body workout.

With your body vertical and both arms straight, try holding your torso above the bars. You can hold her or walk down the bars using your arms. You can perform dips, or do knee tucks or L-sits. These bars can even be used to do an elevated push up or horizontal rows.

3. Sensenbrenner Hall:

Balance Beam Station

Studies show that one of the leading causes of injuries is a lack of balance and flexibility, particularly as we grow older. Start by walking foot over foot the entire length of the beam. As you increase your balance, you can add progressions such as turning or balancing on one foot and adding movement with your limbs.

Sit-Up/Back Extension

Users perform crunches and sit-ups on one side of the station by placing knees over the cross-bar, feet under the foot stops, lying back on the body plate and raising themselves up using their abdominal muscles. Back extensions are performed by placing thighs against the front cushions on the other side of the station and raising your body using the lower back muscles.

Bench Dip Station

Place your hands on the bars with your thumbs forward. Keeping your chest up high and your knees bent, dip down until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle. Beginners can start with the lower bars. The closer the feet are to your body, the easier this exercise is. Advance this exercise by moving your feet farther away and increasing your range of motion.

4. Marquette Wellness Center:

Balance Board Station

Standing on the platform activates the spring, creating a balancing exercise that enhances core strength. Hand grips molded into the platform makes the Balance Board perfect for push-ups that give you an additional core workout at the same time. Try balancing on one leg or performing some narrow squats.

Chin-Up Combo

Multiple hand grips allow you to do varying pull-ups/chin ups. Grasp the handles/bar and pull your self up until your chin is over the bar. Slowly lower back down and repeat. Beginners can use a partner to do assisted pull-ups. You can do this by bending your knees so that your lower legs are at 90 degrees, feet behind you. Place the top of your feet or your ankles on your partners hands and use this support as you move up and down.

5. Lalumiere Language Hall:

Skill Trainer

The Skill Trainer is designed to help enhance fine motor skills, coordination, flexibility and balance. It provides multiple exercise options,  including the Finger Walk and Ring Trace. The Ring Trace includes three difference heights (standing, seated on the included Comfort Seat or seated in a mobility device). Users grasp a colored ring and slide it from one side of the bar to the other without allowing the ring to touch the bar. 

Body Curl Station

The Body Curl Station is a traditional core exercise where the user lays on their back and grasps the bar with both hands. The core is engaged as the user lifts their heels off of the bench. You can also do a traditional sit up or crunch by lying the opposite direction and placing your feet under the bar.

Plyometric Box

The Plyometric boxes are perfect for box jumps, dips, pushups and more. Available in multiple heights (6", 1', 1'6" and 2') to create varying degrees of challenge. You can  even walk or jump from one to the next or perform step ups or step overs.